Retirement Planning: Best Practices And Advice From Experts

Yap Ming Hui From Whitman Independent Advisors 

This is a very common issue – Most of our clients realized that they may not have enough savings for their golden age when they’re about to retire. (That would be a little too late.)

Worse still, escalating costs of children private education can easily drain your savings, especially for those who have two to three children.


  1. Start saving for your future self the moment you start earning an income, no matter how small the amount. If not now, then when?
  2. Stay investing in the stock market regardless of the bull or bear market with a time frame of 20-30 years. (Invest for long term)
  3. Researching and educating yourself to invest in a solid and quality investments (Whether it’s stock or unit trust) is a MUST before making such a decision to avoid scams.
  4. Channel 30% of your gross income into a pension fund (mandatory 11%+ additional 19%). Of course, the quantum very much depends on your age, financial commitment or desirable retirement lifestyle.
  5. Another one simple assessment method is to do holistic financial planning via our free iWealth mobile app which could assess your current situation, your desired lifestyle and how much you need to be financially independent.
  6. Always prioritize not to lose your hard-earned money. For example, choosing a regulated investment, diversify into different asset classes, and set your own investment criteria, discipline, and strategy, and stick to it (If it works) no matter what.
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