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BFM Ringgit & Sense

Financial Freedom for All

24 September 2022
In his latest book, Financial Freedom Investing, licensed financial planner Yap Ming Hui compiles his decades of experience in helping Malaysians achieve financial freedom. Sim Wie Boon dives into the book to unpack what the lessons are for everyday Malaysians…
BFM Ringgit & Sense

Investing in Uncertain Times

5 May 2022
As the world marches on it post-pandemic recovery trajectory, many of us might think that this will be a return to “more of the same” but with a rise in inflation, a sudden outbreak of war in Europe and China’s…
BFM Ringgit & Sense

The Limitations of Robo-advisors

2 September 2021
The rise of robo-advisors has taken the world by storm and grown in popularity especially with millennials and Gen Z. But as exciting as this development has been, is it the be all, end all financial solution? What of the…
BFM Ringgit & Sense

What to Watch When Reviewing Your Investments and Insurance

27 May 2021
We’re coming to the middle of the year, which means it’s soon time for a mid-year review! But how do we go about doing a financial review and why is it so important? Roshan Kanesan dives into this with Licensed…
BFM Ringgit & Sense

3 Fixed Deposit Alternatives as Rates Stay Low

14 January 2021
What do you do when interest rates are at an all-time low? Are there better alternatives that could offer an additional 1%, or 2% more returns compared to keeping money in your fixed deposit? In this interview on BFM’s Ringgit…
BFM Ringgit & Sense

How to Invest While Managing Anxiety?

24 September 2020
Investing is vital to your long term financial health, but it can be a nerve wracking experience. Mr. Yap Ming Hui share his thoughts on how can you invest while managing the anxieties that come with it?
BFM Ringgit & Sense

How to Prepare Financially for a Crisis

26 March 2020
Mr. Yap Ming Hui share his thoughts on managing your investments in this volatility and how to prepare financially for a crisis, in the latest Ringgit & Sense radio show on BFM on 26th March 2020.
BFM Ringgit & Sense

Is EPF i-Invest For You?

29 August 2019
On the back of the launch of EPF’s online investing platform, Roshan of Ringgit & Sense, BFM, speaks to Yap Ming Hui about the merits of the platform, what to pay attention to and whether it’s for you.
BFM Ringgit & Sense

5 Tips to Marie Kondo Your Financial Life

25 April 2019
A few months ago Marie Kondo was all the rage with her method for decluttering and tidying up. Yap Ming Hui got invited by BFM recently to share about how we can apply some of this to our own financial…

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems? Enter ‘Hybrid Wealth Management’

23 August 2018
Tan Chung Han and Roshan Kanesan speak to Yap Ming Hui about ‘hybrid wealth management’ in the latest Ringgit & Sense radio show on BFM on 23rd August 2018. A system aimed at millennials that can complement the existing ecosystem…

Retrenchment – Financially Down, But Not Out.

26 April 2018
Our very own Felix Neoh, Vice President, Client Advisory, share his insights on how one can best prepare, or mitigate, the effects of retrenchment, in the latest Ringgit & Sense radio show on BFM on 26th April 2018.
BFM Ringgit & Sense

Budget 2018: Your Personal Budget is More Important!

23 November 2017
Whitman’s Managing Director, Yap Ming Hui recaps on the recent Budget 2018 and shares his insights about its impact on middle-class Malaysians
BFM Ringgit & Sense

The Cost Of Bringing Up A Child

21 September 2017
Interview aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense on 21 September 2017 The costs of bringing up a child can vary substantially depending on the educational choices that are made by their parents.Prudent financial planning must be taken into account for…

Paying Fees Might Make You Richer

4 August 2016
The debate right now is whether peddlers of financial products should be paid a commission for a sale or fees for giving advice. The advocates of the fee model say that it removes conflicts from advice which in the long…
BFM Ringgit & Sense

Tradeoff Between Children’s Education & Retirement

23 July 2016
It’s well known that education can cost a lifetime of savings. The inconvenient truth to this is that parents risk under-funding their retirement. This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense
Lite FM

Becoming A Financially Independent Woman

7 March 2016
This interview was aired on Lite FM in conjunction with Independent Women’s Day
BFM Ringgit & Sense

Money Optimisation for the Middle Income Bracket

10 December 2015
Given the rising demands on household expenses and pressing needs for retirement, it is timely to look out how we can optimise financial assets. This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense.

Cutting Investment Losses

5 November 2015
Do you ever balk at selling investments that are not doing well? Should you sell them? Julian Ng speaks to Yap Ming Hui, Independent Financial Advisor from Whitman on how to cut losses.This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit &…

A New Way To Invest

30 October 2015
A purely ROI (Returns on Investment) based investing may be detrimental to your financial goals. Net Worth Investing which looks at risks and returns of your assets holistically is better for your overall financial objectives. This interview was aired on BFM…

Impact on the National Budget

4 March 2015
A post interview on the Budget with BFM’s Ringgit & Sense on the impact on the national budget and how it will affect the personal budgets of people, be it on short ot long term financial objectives. This interview was aired…

BFM (Ringgit & Sense): Live Call In

2 February 2015
BFM discuss your personal finance issues with the help of a Yap Ming Hui, Independent Financial Advisor. Some of the questions posted were:

Managing the Impact of Budget 2015 for the Middle Class

4 September 2014
Budget 2015 talks. Who got the most of it and who didn’t? What can we do to prepare for it? All this and more during this BFM’s ringgit and sense episode. This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense

Buying Insurance Online

14 August 2014
The online revolution has arrived at the doorstep insurance distribution which is a good thing since it will reduce the cost of buying policies substantially. There is also strong policy support from Bank Negara to make this successful. This interview…

The Three Levels of Investing

4 July 2014
Investing is not just investing. Like everything else, there are various facets to investing. However, investing is of particular importance since this process will have an impact on one’s future well-being. This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense

The Cost of Health Insurance

4 April 2014
How much should Health Insurance you cover for? Should it be part of your life insurance policy or a separate one provided by an HMO? What if you have company coverage? Mr Yap talks with the host of Ringgit &…

The ASEAN CIS Framework

29 March 2014
It won’t be long before we can buy unit trust and investment schemes from around the region under the Asean Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Framework. This will enable shopping for the best-managed and cost efficient funds. Mr Yap discuss the…

Canadian Property Development, Anyone?

20 March 2014
What you need to know about investments schemes that offer abnormally high returns. In this particular case, Yap Ming Hui gives the low-down on property development investment opportunities in Canada. This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense.

Money Making vs Money Optimisation

20 February 2014
If you are living from paycheck to paycheck, there could possibily be something that you have ooverlooked. Yap Ming Hui shares the secrets of Money Optimisation : how one can have money work for you. This interview was aired on…

The Truth about Insurance Savings Plan

4 January 2014
Are insurance savings plans that offer attractive interest rates too good to be true? Yap Ming Hui gives an indepth breakdown of what you should be aware of. This interview was aired on BFM Ringgit & Sense.

2013 Personal Finance Review

4 March 2013
2013 has come to an end. Did you achieve all the financial goals that you set out to accomplished at the end of the year? Just like in accounting, one would need to close the books, before a new one…

Ringgit & Sense interview (BFM): Getting Out of the Middle Income Trap

6 October 2012
Yap Ming Hui  discusses the pursuit to move beyond being middle income, whereby many of us attempt to increase our wealth forgetting the need to be financially free first. This interview was aired on BFM’s Ringgit & Sense on 6th…

Perspective on the Budget 2012

4 October 2012
WishList for Budget 2012 Independent Financial Advisor, Yap Ming Hui, talks about the measures to make the economy vibrant and therefore helpful and condusive for us to create and preserve what we earn and invest. This interview was aired on…

The Myth about Financial Advisors Vs Independent Financial Advisors

4 March 2012
The best approach to managing your personal finances in a holistic and comprehensive manner is to consult a financial advisor.However finding the right financial advisor who clearly works for your best interest is difficult. Listen in to the interview with…

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4 March 2010
Yap Ming Hui, March 2010 Podcast

Yap Ming Hui on ‘Raise Your Game’ on BFM 89.9 (8.03.10)

3 March 2010
Yap Ming Hui on ‘Raise Your Game’ on BFM 89.9 (8.03.10)

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Yap Ming Hui, February 2010 Podcast