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What is HOLISTIC Wealth Management?


Wealth management service is normally offered by the banks to their priority, premier, privilege or private banking clients. The promise is to help the clients to grow their money.

Unfortunately, current wealth management providers only take care of a portion of the client’s total wealth in their bank. It is actually a segmental wealth management. Therefore, despite its promise to help the client to grow wealth, it benefits are limited by not having the big picture of the client’s financial assets.

In Whitman, we do wealth management differently. We offer HOLISTIC wealth management that take cares of the entire wealth of a client. By doing so, we can reduce unnecessary risk exposure. We are also able to increase return potential of client’s various investment assets. In short, we help the client to grow every part of his wealth.

It is proven effective in helping the client to grow their money with high certainty.

As you can see from the following chart, HOLISTIC wealth management has additional 3 steps compared to current wealth management namely holistic financial planning, cash-flow management and strategic asset allocation. This 3 steps are very useful in helping a wealth manager to understand the client’s unique financial position, develop a holistic investment plan and outline tailor-made action plan before making investment recommendations. This is very important in helping the client to grow their money with high certainty.

Without these 3 steps, it is very difficult to recommend the right investments to a client and the result will be very uncertain.

In short, HOLISTIC wealth management is what you need if you are serious in growing your money.





Whitman offers 4 core services:

  • Family Office Service
  • Money Optimisation Service
  • iWealth+ Service
  • Global Recession Investment Planning (GRIP)

Family Office Service

Whitman is designed and developed to function as fully integrated, comprehensive and proactive service /solution for individuals and families with an asset net worth in excess of RM 20 million.

The Family Office service identifies your unique needs and develops a strategic plan for your personal wealth. We then bring together a consortium of specialists, all leaders in their respective professional fields, to execute and manage your strategic plan. With the support of Family Office, you can make clearer judgments, choose better options and implement more effective actions.

Money Optimisation Service

Modeled after Family Office, this service is suitable for middle-class clients with less than RM 20 million of assets.  We will work closely with you to grow your personal wealth with high certainty.

iWealth+ Service

Modelled after Money Optimisation Service, this service is suitable for individuals with less than RM2 million of assets. Under this service, we offer professional step by step guide to achieve financial freedom using mobile internet platform.

For more details of iWealth, please visit https://iwealth.com.my

Global Recession Investment Planning (GRIP)

Global Recession Investment Planning is an advisory service borne out of the need to help investors navigate through volatility and recession concerns that has affected the entire global economy.

The service is designed to help you manage and reduce investment risks when you invest your money during challenging times.  As a result, despite the adverse market conditions, you can enhance your investment return, have peace of mind with your financial security,  while ensuring that your wealth grows with high certainty. In fact, Global Recession Investment Planning (GRIP) is designed to manage up to 89% of investment risk factors.

Without key insights from Global Recession Investment Planning (GRIP), you may unknowingly cause your investments to suffer from unnecessary losses, or worst, potentially end up losing all your hard-earned money due to the market uncertainty.

Our GRIP advisory service is available for a low introductory fee starting from RM480 per year.


Whitman is not tied to any financial institutions, enabling us to assist you in selecting the investments that match your best interests. We have no reservations on “removing” any investment manager that fails to perform to our high level of expectation.

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