Important Notice on Fraudster Impersonating Whitman

Important Notice on Fraudster Impersonating Whitman

It has come to our attention that there has been a Facebook advertisement which is impersonating and misleading users to join an investment WhatsAapp group chat under our company name. The scammers are even using Whitman’s company’s logo and registered licenses with Bank Negara and the Securities Commission of Malaysia to give a sense of legitimacy to their modus operandi.

We wish to clarify that we do not operate the account nor are we related to it in any way. Our team has reported to the relevant authorities to put a stop to this scam.

Please be aware that Whitman Independent Advisors do not invite clients to directly invest in any investment packages with promised returns, and money back guaranteed. We wish to remind the public to exercise caution and not to respond or reply to such inquiries.

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  • If you receive text messages from any individuals claiming to be from Whitman/ WIA inviting you to participate in any promotions for free gifts, or to join any Whitman/WIA-named chat groups or social media groups to receive investment tips, or even to purchase online investment packages, do not respond or click on any such links as this could expose you to investment scams such as Pump and Dump scams, malware download, or phishing attacks where your account details could be at risk.
  • If you have doubt over the authenticity of the messages that you have received, do not provide any personal details or sensitive information to the message sender, and reach out to Whitman Independent Advisors immediately to verify its authenticity.