Here are answers to some of the more frequent questions people ask us.

Whitman has a track record of serving high net worth clients with a minimum asset worth of RM2 million. However as of 2008, we have begun offering Money Optimisation Services to individuals and families with less than RM2 million asset worth.

Our service encompasses the following:

  • Family Office service fees range from RM10,000 to RM26,000 per annum, depending on the asset worth of the client and the complexity of the case.
  • Money Optimisation service fees from as low as RM1,800 to RM6,200 per annum, depending on the client’s asset worth.
  • Our Holistic Investment Management service fees range from RM1,200 to RM4,600 per annum.

At Whitman, we assist you to develop, plan and execute strategies to grow your wealth with high certainty. We help you to monitor the impact of these implementations so that you can make the necessary change if needed. As your advisor, we work diligently to help you capitalise on financial opportunities and avoid critical financial pitfalls. Think of us as a personal coach whose goal it is to help you organise your finances and establish disciplines to satisfy your needs and desires.

Yes. We have strategic alliances with many established financial firms and institutions that enable us to seamlessly access and prescribe a range of products and services tailored to your specific plan.

As HOLISTIC Wealth Management company, we are free to choose any product and service that best meet your needs and offer the best value for your investment. As a result, our clients do not have to take the trouble to search, select and deal with multiple providers.

We will assign a dedicated wealth management practitioner to work with you to achieve your financial goals.

Our team will set up an initial meeting with you to understand your current financial situation, your goals and your dreams. Together, we will develop a list of priorities that are important to you in your wealth management. We then analyse all this information and present our findings, recommendations and appropriate strategies for your consideration. Depending on your needs, we can also assist in implementing the strategies on your behalf.

As part of our commitment to your success, we will meet you on a regular basis to monitor and review the plan with you. An assessment will be conducted on the implemented strategies and new ones would be recommended if needed.

We believe that ‘you can’t provide us too much information’. We are interested to learn about your personal goals, values, fears, concerns, past experiences and financial biases.

For the Family Office and Money Optimisation service, we would need to have a big picture overview of your financial situation. Therefore, you will need to furnish us with your assets and liabilities statement and income statement.

You are not required to bring anything to the first meeting. We will share with you how we work. You will then assess if we are a good partnership.

We do not charge for the first meeting.

If you have any concerns or complaints about any unit trust fund, you can contact FIMM at 603-2092 3800 (www.fimm.com.my) or the Investor Affairs & Complaints Department of the Securities Commission at 603-6204 8999.

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