Independent Unit Trust Advisor Apprenticeship Programme


By Whitman

No. 1 in unit trust asset under advise (AUA) and AUA per advisor on iFAST platform (as at 31 Dec 2018)

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Programme Outline:

  1. Learn from Whitman’s experience in advising clients to do whole market funds investing using independent online unit trust platform
  2. Whitman’s proprietary proven system and tools to build recurring income using wrap account
  3. Whitman’s advisors have used the SAME system to sell more than RM503M worth of unit trust funds (cash sales) (as at 31 Dec 2018)
  4. Guided by mentors who are iFAST’s multiple-year qualifiers
  5. Entry qualification – Completed at least module 1 of CFP/ RFP.
  6. Selected candidates will enjoy 100% commission pay out in first year


For those who are interested in the apprenticeship programme, please register to attend the following workshop to find out more:



Learning Objectives:

The internet is changing the landscape of business at a fast pace. This Workshop enables the participants to learn the application of internet technology into financial planning business.

The participants will be able to:

  • Identify the threats to traditional unit trust and life insurance business
  • Identify the current challenges of traditional unit trust selling
  • Appreciate the 3 levels of unit trust selling
  • Recognise the 3 essential factors of million-dollar unit trust portfolio selling
  • Appreciate the idea of empowering unit trust selling using internet technology
  • Appreciate a case study on million-dollar unit trust portfolio selling system to high net worth individuals.

More details and registration of the workshop can be found here –

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