Roadmap to Financial Freedom:

Updated Edition with a Free Tool


I originally wrote this book to help all Malaysians achieve financial freedom. And I am grateful that the Roadmap to Financial Freedom has since become one of the best-selling personal finance books in Malaysia.

In this updated version, I have added two new chapters to enrich your knowledge. One is a chapter on holistic wealth management, a subject that I am very passionate about. By sharing with readers like you, the essence and spirit of holistic wealth management, you will begin to see where Roadmap to Financial Freedom stands in the big picture of wealth management and how it can play a pivotal role in developing your ensuing investment strategies to achieve financial freedom.

The second chapter is an article first published in the Star that highlights the popularity of parents sending their children to private and international schools for their primary and secondary eduction. In the article, I demonstrated how readers could use the Roadmap to Financial Freedom to evaluate the impact of the additional expenses to their financial freedom goals. In other words, Roadmap to Financial Freedom can be used to assess your affordability in sending children to private and international schools.

Since the publication of the book, I have also received many requests from readers to make Roadmap to Financial Freedom available to them as a D-I-Y tool. What if I tell you that financial freedom can now be at your fingertips?

I am thrilled and excited to announce that we have developed a mobile application of the Roadmap to Financial Freedom. It is called iWealth. It is available to download for FREE from Google Play or Apple store.

With this tool, you can now gain a deeper understanding of what it takes for you to achieve financial freedom. It is just like all the case studies that you will read in this book but better, because you become the star of the mobile app, and you can use it to develop your own personalised roadmap to financial freedom!

If you are serious about achieving financial freedom, you would need a Roadmap to Financial Freedom. Read the contents of this book thoroughly and use iWealth to your advantage. Let this book and iWealth serve as two most important guide you would ever need on your journey in achieving financial freedom.

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