How to Maximise Your Wealth Beyond Investment Returns

I want to tell you what this fantastic book is all about. Traditional wealth management measures success by investment returns. This is not effective any more. This is because you waste your whole life creating and growing more wealth and at the same time mere hope to achieve true success in wealth management and your life.

The future belongs to the individuals who measure their success by how well their wealth helps to achieve their lives’ purposes. These people will identify what’s important to them, align their financial decisions with their bigger goals, and become inspired to put into action to achieve them.

This book will not offer you get-rich-quick tips nor explain the fundamentals of investments and estate planning. It will not tell you where or why to buy life insurance or how or when to sell your shares. It will not warn you about the possible recession or inflation. Nor will it teach you how to create a financial plan from scratch.

This book will help you to see that wealth management should not be about how much you have, but about how you maximize what you have. This book will help you to achieve your financial success in your own way. This book will help you achieve financial success with any amount of wealth you have. This book will help you become the true master of your wealth.

It is an honour for me to make this small contribution towards your success.

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