Maximise What You’ve Got:

No Matter How Much You Have Now

Most of us prefer to learn from experts in their field, whether we are studying defensive driving, nouvelle cuisine, yoga or conversational Mandarin. When it comes to wealth management, why should it be any different? You should choose to learn wealth management skills from an expert in order to maximise your wealth. For even better results, you should be learning from the financial coachTM that millionaires themselves go to improve their personal wealth management.

That is the purpose of this compact book: to give you access to the wealth management secrets of Malaysia’s millionaires that I have painstakingly accumulated and documented over the years. In this book, I will share the principles that the multi-millionaires has applied to maximize their wealth successfully. I will also share the mistakes made that has limited their wealth from achieving the full potential. As the financial coachTM to many of Malaysia’s richest multi-millionaires, including the owners of many public-listed companies, I am in a unique position: I am privileged to advise my millionaire clients on refining and adding value to their wealth management while learning their innermost secrets of wealth management. This book isn’t from a sideline player who’s never really had skin the in the game. I have proven my subject matter knowledge by gaining the trust of many multi-millionaires to pay for my advice. Mark it down. Multi-Millionaires pay thousands of professional fees for advice on managing their wealth. That’s what you’ll find in the following pages: the hands-on why, and the hands-on how, from someone who’s succeeded by breathing it and practicing it.

Many people asked me, “Can I benefit from these lessons if I am not a millionaire yet?” My answer is a big YES. The lessons shared in this book will work no matter how much wealth you have now. In fact, you have even more reasons to benefit from the lessons. The fact that you have less wealth indicates that your wealth has even more untapped potential to be unleashed. Everyone needs to maximize what they got. Millionaires need it as well as aspiring millionaires.

The result of my lifelong work is this handbook which contains 100% Real-Life Lessons from Real-Life Multi-Millionaires in Malaysia. The stories of many real people are included in this book. I have respected the confidentialities and have disguised the material. I hope this book will help spread the monetary wisdom of millionaires to more Malaysians so that they too can maximise their wealth potential.

I have purposely kept this book short and sweet, because Jack Bogle – who founded Vanguard, the largest no-load mutual fund in the world – says that “simplicity is the master key to financial success.” Bogle is right. KISS (keep it sweet and simple) with my 10 Real-Life Lessons and I guarantee that you will reap the rewards.

When you bought this book, you also bought the right to photocopy as many pages as you like, as many times as you like. Go ahead and make hundred copies of your favourate lessons and share them with your friends. Most of all, I hope you’ll buy copies of this book for everyone you care. That’s why I have written this book – I want to publish a book that sells in the millions, that creates a movement around maximizing your wealth potential.

Thank you for reading this book. It’s time to start your journey to maximize what you’ve got. Spread the word!

Yap Ming Hui

The Edge


New Straits Times



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