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Our Services

Whitman offers 3 core services:

Family Office Service

Whitman is designed and developed to function as fully integrated, comprehensive and proactive service /solution for individuals and families with an asset net worth in excess of RM 20 million.

The Family Office service identifies your unique needs and develops a strategic plan for your personal wealth. We then bring together a consortium of specialists, all leaders in their respective professional fields, to execute and manage your strategic plan. With the support of Family Office, you can make clearer judgements, choose better options and implement more effective actions.

Holistic Wealth Management Service

Modelled after Family Office, this service is suitable for middle class clients with less than RM 20 million of assets.  We will work closely with you to grow your personal wealth with high certainty.

Holistic Investment Management Service

Whitman has developed the Holistic Investment Management service for clients who needs support to effectively and efficiently monitor and manage their investments. The objective is to assist you in restructuring your current investment portfolio and aligning your investments with your life goals, risk tolerance and target return. Whitman shall also support you by regularly monitoring and managing your investments while provide guidance on selecting the best-of -breed investments for you financial portfolio.

Whitman is not tied to any financial institutions, enabling us to assist you in selecting the investments that match your best interests. We have no reservations on “removing” any investment manager that fails to perform to our high level of expectation.

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