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Holistic Wealth Management

What is HOLISTIC Wealth Management?

Wealth management service is normally offered by the banks to their priority, premier, privilege or private banking clients. The promise is to help the clients to grow their money.

Unfortunately, current wealth management providers only take care of a portion of the client’s total wealth in their bank. It is actually a segmental wealth management. Therefore, despite its promise to help the client to grow wealth, it benefits are limited by not having the big picture of the client’s financial assets.

In Whitman, we do wealth management differently. We offer HOLISTIC wealth management that take cares of the entire wealth of a client. It is proven effective in helping the client to grow their money with high certainty.

Our HOLISTIC wealth management is a:

– Total wealth management: The advice is to grow total wealth and the performance is measured by net worth growth

– Tailor-made wealth management: The advice is based on a holistic financial plan to ensure 100% customisation

– Synergistic wealth management: The advice is developed from an integration of 8 different wealth management areas

In short, HOLISTIC wealth management is what you deserve


What is Money Optimisation System™?

Money optimisation system™ is a wealth management system that uses a HOLISTIC approach to grow money with high certainty

Money Optimisation System™ grows money by synergizing the following 8 wealth management areas:

  • Investment planning and management
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Children’s tertiary education planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Asset protection
  • Estate planning
  • Debt and loan management
  • Tax planning